FiberXport® CPE

FiberXport® CPE

FiberXport® enables a multitude of broadband services to be delivered to end-users, at the same time revolutionizing the cost-base of the FTTH network. FiberXport® encompasses a collection of customer premises equipment (CPE) based on a single wall-mount unit with a variety of active service-delivery modules.

The modularity of the FiberXport® CPE allows the operator to match individual end-user service requirements, accommodating triple-play services and more. Product modules are available to support a complete range of CPE combinations, including managed Ethernet, Voice over IP and analog telephony, CATV and IPTV.

FiberXport® includes a system for remote configuration and management of the CPE and all of its ports, enabling a high quality delivery of services. This system is interoperable with existing network management tools.
Taken together, FiberXport® is a managed open service delivery platform that revolutionizes the FTTH networks cost-base and provides unmatched versatility for maximum revenue generation.


– Single unit, full triple play solution
– Worlds smallest integrated CPE
– Modular design, from full triple play to fiber termination only
– Swift installation and automatic provisioning
– Excellent technical performance
– Integrateable management system for full remote control
– Transparent service delivery with quality of service
– Proven stable platform
– Flexibility in functionality

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